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Aesthetic Toilets Suites

Toilets are an integral part of the daily life of an individual and an essential component of every bathroom. We at Bathrooms House are committed to providing you with some of the broadest range of toilet styles in a various amount of designs and materials.

We supply toilets of all leading brands in Sydney at highly affordable and cheap prices. Whatever your requirement – whether it is a master toilet, guest toilet or a kids toilet, we supply toilet suites for every type of room and offer a variety of features.

We offer toilets suitable for simple homes to ultra-luxurious houses along with all relevant and necessary accessories. Leading manufacturers make all our toilets according to the standards laid out by authorities in Australia.

Choosing a toilet suite is a very tiresome task. It involves deciding the style, design, space, flushing type, cleaning and cost considerations. At Bathrooms House, we help you choose the right kind of toilet at affordable and cheap prices.

Toilet Styles
Toilet designs that we offer include:

  • Back to wall toilet – Directly attached to bathroom wall concealing pipes.
  • Close-coupled toilet – Flush pipe that are hidden.
  • Wall faced toilet – Cistern concealed inside the wall – Good for small bathrooms.
  • Wall hung toilet – A sleek, space-saving toilet, which can be installed at precisely the right height for you.

Depending on the space available in the toilet, the kind of plumbing arrangements in the bathroom and the budget, we can help you select the right type of toilet that suits your bathroom.

Toilet Pan
There are three standard toilet pans which include:

  • S-Trap.
  • P-Trap.
  • Skew Trap.

These traps in the toilet pipe help in getting rid of the waste.


The size of the bathroom and the space you require determines the size of the toilet that you can install. Depending on the size of the bathroom and its design, we will suggest to you an appropriate size of the toilet.

Water Efficiency

We understand that water is a scarce resource and take measures to conserve water. We generally supply only high water-efficient toilets that save water and lower the total environmental impact. We supply toilets that comply with the WELS standards. We strive to supply only eco-friendly technology.


We supply toilets made of porcelain (vitreous China) that can withstand the cold-water corrosion, rusting and last for a long time. They are Rimless & Nano-Glazed, which makes them low maintenance products.

Ease of cleaning

It is highly desirable to keep your toilet clean. We are committed to offering toilet designs that conceal pipes yet are easy to clean so that your toilet can be flushed easily and remains hygienic. Most of the toilets have Nano-Glaze cover, that prevents bacteria from staying on the surface.

Rimless designed pans are providing even more convenience for cleaning, leaving zero chances for bacteria build-up. Since Bathrooms House directly sources products from best suppliers, we can supply high-quality toilets in Sydney and other suburbs at a low prices.

We have been supplying products for residential homes and commercial offices for a long time. What sets us apart is not only our ability to offer products at highly affordable rates but also our service levels.

We provide top-notch customer service to our clients and make sure that they can choose the right kind of toilet suites. You can contact us by phone or by email. Our experienced executives shall be happy to help.

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